Monday, October 13, 2014

To NaNo or not to NaNo:

With November rapidly approaching, I should be plotting for NaNoWriMo, and yet I'm still debating even participating this year. Just not feeling it like I have in past years. I have a decent idea and I most likely will start outlining today, just to see if there is life in the plot. I probably will at least make the attempt this year, as it would be sad to break the chain of years I've participated so far.

Using Scrivener for my first full NaNo this year. It is the best novel outlining and writing software I've seen so far. As for the actual writing, most will be done on an Alphasmart Dana. While they are becoming more difficult to obtain as they are no longer in production, I did manage to score (thanks to my amazing girlfriend,) three of them off ebay for $10!! As sturdy as they are, I shouldn't need another one ever again. My first one did fall casualty to my cat's thought that it should be bathed in Dr. Pepper. They do not react well to that. But for distraction free writing, they can't be beat. Basically just a word processor, it is easy to crank out wordcount without being distracted by the evil Internet. And it's cool to watch the words magically appear on your monitor when you send the files into your word processing program. It's like watching an evil monkey high on Redbull and coffee typing at an insane rate.  I have my wordcount in the sidebar. Feel free to drop in and offer encouragement or prod me (if the wordcount is low.)